EP Preview: Foothills by Jonny Falls Over

Jonny Falls Over’s debut EP Foothills showcases the diversity of his material, with a sonic palette drawing from electronica, dance and found sounds, mixed with classic songwriting and indie guitar tones. Writing, producing and playing all his songs himself, there is a distinctive character, rawness and organic warmth flowing through these recordings.
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Jonny Falls Over, aka Jonny Wharton, is a multi-instrumentalist and producer who writes organically driven electronic music with the warmth and emotion of live instrumentation coursing through it. He performs all parts and produces his own material to create a unique musical world that occupies the space somewhere between electronica, dance and indie. Growing up on a sheep farm in the West of England, Jonny began producing in his early teens when he built a studio computer from the discarded parts of old family desktops, recording any sounds he could find and playing anything he could lay his hands on to create his music. After moving to London to go to university, he began working with numerous bands, developing his performance and production skills, while continuing to write prolifically as a solo artist.

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