EP Listen: Movie MuZiK: Directors Cut EP by Mel Alston Jr.

As you may know, we get a ton of submissions to our site for feature. So in light of this we make sure that we give each submission the same amount of time to listen and review. But this new EP from Mel Alston Jr called Move Muzik Directors Cut got us lost in the music that we forgot our own rule. When I turned on this, I began to wonder why are records like this not in the main stream. This is a sound that we are missing and I think you should check out this record and give Mel a chance to make you his new number one fan.
Mel Alston Jr continues his soulful journey with a very classic live performance which took place at “The Fire” music venue in Philadelphia. Backed by The Sound Barrier Experience, Mel sets the tone for a local audience blending a powerful vocal tone with soulful melodies, taking those in attendance on a roller coaster ride of love gained and lost. From the soulful Acoustics of Science & Math to the triumphant blaze of The Impossible joined by Jay Griffey & Dakota Black. The band really stole the night, capturing the crowd throughout the experience. The live soulful sound of Alston’s voice embodies what can only be described as that Philly Soul.

Mel Alston Jr. Movie Muzik
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