Artist Interview: Emmai Alaquiva Part 1 – Pittsburgh, PA

Emmy award winning music producer and engineer Emmai Alaquiva took some time out of his busy schedule to sit down with iMoveiLive Online Music Magazine. From this interview a 5 part series was born because of his vast knowledge and insight about the music industry; this man simply loves music. Emmai Alaquiva wears many hats, from teacher to director but the owner of Ya Momz Studio has not forgotten his roots.
Part one:
Emmai Alaquiva is considered one of the pioneers of the Hip-Hop music in Pittsburgh, hence he know Pittsburgh music.
Emmai Alaquiva: I think the music in Pittsburgh is very dynamic; it has been through a lot. I wouldn’t say its schizophrenic, but I would definitely say it has multiple personalities. Pittsburgh music has an identity but it is still searching for its true identity. Meaning that in many instances you have a lot of musicians and artist sought of taking on influences of music and states of music in other cities. One side of the city you might have a very heavy down south, west coast sounding music. On the opposite side of the city you might have someone who is extremely east coast and very crunchy type of hip hop. But with individual like Wiz Khalifa and Mac Miller, we are seeing the pillars being set up for a new structure of the way Pittsburgh music is being seen. I can honestly say that Wiz Khalifa has put hip-hop in a choke hold as far as not approaching music like you have to be from NY or ATL. He was from Pittsburgh when his first album came out and to this day and time he still represent Pittsburgh. His entourage is full of individuals from Pittsburgh. Mac Miller took on the same blue print that Wiz Khalifa put down and now he is become successful, which is again is setting up the structure for Pittsburgh music. If musicians come together in the city of Pittsburgh and sort of take on and become inspired by what Rostrum Records has set, I think we can be in a better place in a few years to come.
Stay Tuned For Part 2

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