Editorial: Why Artists Should Invest in their Music

 by: Dane Blum
There are way too many articles that have been posted on the internet for years on how illegal music downloads are killing the music industry at the expense of starving artists. Although there are still many new bands that attempt their luck and talents starting from nowhere other than their garages and basements, it is without doubt that the very large majority of these artists cannot make it past a few local gigs and a thousand or so Facebook fans. These bands are often composed of young adults and adolescents, studying at least part time and keeping a job in order to be able to fund their musical passions. So what’s the point? Why even spend the money?
In today’s economy you may find yourself questioning investments in your own band. There is a point to all this madness. On your journey to recognition and happiness there is always somebody who will be your, “biggest fan” he or she will want to buy a shirt to show off to their friends, or a CD to jam on the way to their favorite bands show. Investing in your band can open many opportunities for yourself. One is recognition. When you’re booking a gig, set up a table with your bands shirts, CD’s, and posters. It never hurts to try. Regardless people are going to have no choice but to see your fine collection of propaganda. “Well what if nobody is interested in buying my stuff?” It is your job as a musician to make your fans want to spend money on you. People want energy, being able to move around showing that you are a fun and full of excitement will excite fans as well. You always want to try and offer something when you’re playing out. 1) It makes you look more based and established as a solo artist or a group. 2) People will learn your name a lot faster and that is the goal. You want people to recognize you. That is the whole reason you are investing in your band in the first place! Now you will lose money to start, you have to invest in your materials, such as instruments, recording, shirts, posters, and audio. But as you become more and more successful playing gigs and meeting people, you will be making money of your materials and getting paid for your hard work to you dedicated music. As time progresses you should start making more money, but all that money should go into your band until you can sustain scouts from a record label company that may be interested in investing in you. Your hard earned money has to go towards; busted gear, fuel and food for touring through states, new shirt designs, and eventually even more recordings.
The musician’s life is not an easy one, but if you chose to properly invest in yourself you can find that the road to success may not lie to far ahead.

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