Editorial: Selecting the Right Music Manager

by: Jamie Schubert of iMoveiLive Online Music Magazine

              One of the single most important decisions any musician or band can make, one that can make or break a career, is choosing your manager. We’ve all heard the horror stories, we’ve seen the movies/documentaries that have been made about these situations. There’s something we’ve all be taught about our entire life, and it’s the single most important attribute you could find in any manager, is trust. This person is going to be taking care of your career and essentially your life, you need to be able to have complete faith in them, never doubt that the road their leading you on is the right one.
Another key trait, is someone who understands your goals, which is something that will pave the road they will take you on. You also need to be able to get along well with whomever you choose. You’re going to have a lot of interaction, and be working very closely with them. Passion is another element to look for, someone who will be willing to not only work for you, but tirelessly work for you. Someone who genuinely likes your music is great, but not required. How will they convince somebody else to like your band if they don’t themselves?
The main thing to stay away from is someone who is trying to get you to sign something on the spot. Every decision deserves a little time to weigh the pros and cons. Find an attorney to read over any contract presented to you, this manager will essentially be getting paid in accordance to their work with you, but protect yourself and make sure they’re not getting paid too much (Standard rate is roughly 20%). Also try to make sure that the contract isn’t for an absurd amount of time, ensure that certain goals must be reached in order to extend aforementioned contract.
We also all have a friend[s] that dream of being rock stars with out an ounce of musical talent, so they want to do the next best thing, and work in the industry as, you guessed it, a manager. Probably not the wisest decision, so shop around, find someone with a good reputation, with verifiable references and contacts, do your research it’s something you won’t regret.

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