Editorial: Manager or No Manager, now that's the Question

By: KaMusic Manager or notwin Long of Prime Vision PR
What I have learned in the last few weeks with the music industry is that so many artists are conducting business with out a manger or just someone there that knows the business of music.  Jay-z stated during an interview with the breakfast club in NYC “I just so happen to be great at the music business as well as music”. Wow!  What a powerful statement to make, but it’s true. I will continuously state that knowing the business that your in is imperative to your brands growth.
A lot of the artists feel as though they can make moves with our having management or a mentor even if that’s an entertainment lawyer telling you if your strategic moves are and make sense to make. I think all artists should have a manager of some sort bc a second pair of eyes is always bests in any case for sure.
A manager can have ties and connections to the industry that you as a pee-wee artists doesn’t. A manager can get you into shows, back stage arenas, meetings and more that as an artists you have no knowledge of how to do that.
Now what happens when the manager and the artists have a different point of view and a different p.o.b or as I like to say point of business? Point of business means in my own definition, what your business plan, business view is or how you see your business or brand. A P.O.B is an understanding of the business plan you need to follow to reach your business goal whether that is getting signed, staying independent, doing shows etc.
So what happens if the artists has a different P.O.B. than the manager? Here’s what’s happening the manager sees his artists in one view and the artists sees himself in another. For example, I know of an artists who has a well connected manager works with several now independent musicians/artists in the industry. The artist feels that he wants to conquer the local market first while his manger wants to pinky and the brain (and who ever remembers this cartoon two snaps up lol) the over seas international market. Which both P.O.B.’s are fine, but my question is shouldn’t they have a talk about what the team decides? Bc a manager and an artists are a team which should sometimes make move and decisions collectively. Or no?
How does the different P.O.B.’s hurt the team? Well honestly, it’s OK to have different P.O.B.’s , but the main thing is bringing the two P.O.B.’s together to collectively build a reasonable P.O.B. for all involved. Communication is key in the beginning, middle and end. Sit your artist or manager down and say “this is what I’m thinking we should do” or just simply address your concerns with either party. Having two different points of business is fine especially if it leads to the same ultimate goal.  Learn to compromise with your manager or artists. No one directly is in charge of the other. No manager works for an artists and no artists is the property of another.
Now if the talks and P.O.B.’s can not be combined and planned,  then maybe the business partnership is not needed. Just remember, if you had a signed contract you a legally responsible to carry out those terms unless both parties agree on the “break up” of partnership. And maybe that’s why I’m seeing so many literally independent artists now a days taking their careers into their own hands for sure. I would love o talk to Any artists who had managers in the past but no longer have them what was the reason why you no longer have one? Ill give you some reasons I think:
A)   communication wasn’t easy
B)   Thought the manager was lying and being shady either with shows, money etc
C)   Manager/artist P.O.B.’s were completely far fetched that nothing cd be done to salvage
D)   Artists/manager was not abiding by the terms
E)   Creative an s professional differences
F)   Money problems
G)   Etc all of the above collaboratively
If you have experienced any of the above issue, please contact me at info@primevisionpr.com would love the feed back.
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