Editorial: Has the music industry changed due to the Internet?

Written by:
Prime Vision PR
CEO & Founder Kawin Nicole long

A short and brief summary of my thoughts on the Internet and the music industry.

 Has the music industry changed due to the recent addiction to the Internet? I say yes! In the recent years the music industry has become flooded with new upcoming musicians and artists that are challenging the record companies. Artists are staying independent because record companies are requiring more from them even after they have brought a lot to the table (I.e. a million followers on instagram, twitter, etc.).
Nowadays, record executives are looking to the Internet to find the “next biggest Act” and so are we. As watchers in front of the screen, we are bound to watch a video that has over a million views just to see what all the hype is about. We are prone to checking our social media everyday to see if a new video on YouTube or Worldstarhiphop.com has surfaced.
Does this hurt or help a struggling artists, who may can’t afford a video on websites? Maybe, but YouTube is free! For now. Artists can post their videos of their music, of their everyday life on the Internet. Normal people, I think want to see more reality and so do the record execs.
Record companies are making signing a deal harder these days. Their business is driven by social media. Don’t believe me? The first few things an A&R Rep will look for in a new act is the number of followers, video views a potential artist has to date, what shows nave they done, do they have a good image or “swag” that will sell to the masses. They are instructed to “GOOGLE” the artists, or band, and then maybe just maybe listen to their mix tape or INDIE Album. Does that make sense? Are they really signing the person’s talents or are they signing the person’s outward persona? (Ill tackle this answer in another article soon!)
Social media, the Internet, the web, the overall addiction to it all is here to stay. With that said, all companies are adjusting to it, because its a way of life.  If your an unsigned, upcoming artists make sure you have your ducks lined in a row before approaching a major label, if not hire a music Public Relations Specialists (@primevisionpr) like myself to help you gather all your ducks!

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