Editorial: Get Famous Fast! Study the Musicians that Do it Right.

Everyone is trying to come up with the next great scheme to become a famous musicians. Instead of doing this how about studying how others got to their dreams and copying that. Why? because it worked before. Lets not reinvent the wheel, lets try and make it better. Check out the article below and find out different ways to do this. Written By of DIY Musicans
Did you roll your eyes when you read this headline or did it spark your interest? Grabbing attention and keeping it is what fame is all about.
Try this: Go get a music magazine that writes about new music.
You’ll read about (and see pictures of) dozens of artists who you’ve never heard of before.
Out of that whole magazine, only one or two will really catch your attention.
I don’t have the answer. Only you do. Ask yourself why a certain headline or photo or article caught your attention.
(Was it something about the opening sentence? Was it a curious tidbit about the background of the singer? What was it exactly that intrigued you?)
Analyze that. Use that. Adapt those techniques to try writing a headline or article about your music.

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