Music: Double E by The Hawkeyes

Why did you select this songs as your single?

We selected this single because it has received great feedback from fans at live shows as their favorite song, every radio station we have pitched it too enjoys it aggressive yet catchy nature and we also enjoy the story behind it of a person doing whatever it is necessary to make ends meet even if it means breaking some rules.


How does this song compare to the rest of the album?


The single compares well with the rest of the album in that it has same cohesive texture and tight arrangement as the other songs on the record and it also discards the pretentious nature of a lot of  mainstream music one might hear. The album, titled Goodbye Americana, ebbs and flows nicely right up to where the single is placed and the songs with the single included provide the backbone of a moving and unforgettable live show.


What was the writing process like for this song?


The writing process for the single started out as an upbeat acoustic number which I brought to the group for our first practice. When we really got into the meat of the song we felt it needed a certain “Stonesy” rhetoric to the overall sound and we kept it raw rather refined to accomplish that. Also add on the 5-string open G guitar part a la Keith Richards and the free falling harmonies which really make the single cook.


What does the song mean to the band?


The song means a lot of things to the group. Initially when we first wrote the song, it meant “wow, we might have something really good here, not just a song, but a band!” Also the storyline is something we can all relate to in some sort of way – a guy going all out to support himself, breaking rules, breaking laws, not settling for the mundane 9 to 5 job, the ah fuck it attitude of being 21 years old and just saying “no big deal if this may get me killed or thrown in prison, i’ll be fine, i’ll be alright.” The single also drives really well sonically for us. We really enjoy music that kicks you in the proverbial teeth but we also enjoy well written arrangements, thoughtful lyrics, and great melodies and we feel this song has all that.


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