Don't Tell Me

Steve Ryan is a singer/songwriter, actor and author who enjoys connecting to people through his work.  If you are not already a fan, you will become a fan after you read one of his books or hear one of his songs or audiobooks.
Steve Ryan has released 4 albums, authored 4 books, co-written various other books, narrated over 100 audiobooks and have various other acting credits. Take some time and explore his Music, Books & Acting Info.
Check out our interview with Steve Ryan about his new song, “Don’t Tell Me,” coming from his upcoming album release ”Smooth Melodies” on October 21, 2016
Why did you select this song as your current single?
This song is a relaxed reflection of love and pain.
How does this single relate to the rest of the Album, EP or Mix-tape?
This song sets the tone of raw and authentic music that touches the heart. The rest of the album also sets the same tone.
What was the writing process for the song?
The lyrics of this song was written first and then the music was catered around the lyrics.
What does this song’s lyric mean to you?
These lyrics represent the experience of betrayal on many levels.
What would it be like to see you in person performing this song?
It would emphasize the emotions behind the song. You would be moved as it moves your heart and mind.
Could your fans summarize who you are as an artist by this song?
No, but it would give them a partial idea. Most of my music have been described as motivational and inspirational.
Is there a video planned and or completed and if so, what was the idea behind the video?
There isn’t a video planned at this time, but that may come up in the future
One last question, what is your motivation behind your music?
Seeing the effect on the fans is the major inspiration.

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