HVNNIBVL HannibalHVNNIBVL (pronounced as “Hannibal”) is a 19 year old Recording Artist and Producer from Buffalo, NY. Since the age of 12, he has been perfecting his skills as a singer, producer, songwriter, rapper and studio engineer. The years of dedication to his craft were finally shown when earlier this Summer, he released his debut album titled “Pacific Dreams”. The album is a 9 track, completely self composed work, featuring a different style with each song. Since his debut, he has released 2 new songs and is already working on his next project. One of the singles from “Pacific Dreams”, titled “Got It”, showcases a large amount of young HVNNIBVL’s style and passion for music.
Why did you select this song as your current single?
A: I am a huge fan of funk music, and so are a lot of people whether they know it or not; I think “Uptown Funk” helped prove that! That song actually helped me realize that “Got It” would be a great single because of the elements of funk and pop that are blended together in the song. It’s definitely radio ready!
How does this single relate to the rest of the Album?
A: “Got It” relates to the rest of the album in the sense that as the rest of the album, it is influenced by my love for all kinds of music. To self produce, write, and engineer and album, you need to really know what you’re going for, and I think “Got It” shows extensively what I like to make: the emotion is completely there. With that being said, it definitely stands apart from other pop music in general, which is another reason it makes a great single.
What was the writing process for this song?
A: With complete self composition, there is definitely a different/ more intricate writing process. This song’s process started with me saying “I’ve been meaning to do something that’s poppy and funky, and I haven’t done it yet, that’s a huge part of who I am”. As a producer, I naturally start making the music first…usually (my song “Dreams” is actually the complete opposite). I had some guitar samples, so I figured out a chord progression that I liked, resampled the guitars to fit the progression and pattern that I thought was cool, and then moved to drums. I am actually a drummer, I’ve been playing since I was about 2 years old, so drums are important to me in music and I like to think I have an ear for their layout in production. Finishing the music involved filling spaces, creating fullness, etc to make it really sound like a production. As far as mixing/mastering went, I definitely had a hard time with this song specifically, I’d be lying if I said that was easy. But, I got through it and ended up with a great feeling track.
What does this song’s lyrics mean to you?
A: I specifically left out the writing process for the lyrics in the “writing process” question because I wanted to explain that separately fro the actual creation of the music. The lyrics stem from me being a “love at first sight” kind of person. This song basically lays out a scenario where I see a beautiful girl from a distance, and want to go talk to her based on the fact that she’s gorgeous. As I talk to her for a very short period of time, hardly exchanging words, my heart is rushing because her beauty is astounding, and I just really want to be with her/ do all these wonderful things for her. As the song progresses I realize there’s a bunch of other guys lining up to see her too, but I want her to realize that she’s “got it” made with me over anyone else. It sounds so stupid out of context but I promise that there are people that feel that way, whether it be a guy chasing a girl or the other way around. The lyrics are another part of the reason that I think this makes a great single, hopeless romantics in mainstream society would eat this up!
What would it be like to see you in person performing this song?
A: Oh man, out of all the songs I want to perform big time, this is either one or two on the list (my song “Never Stop” is the close second)! I’d have a funk band, I’d edit the song to have solo sections for guitar and bass, maybe have a guy tap dancing, and definitely give the drummer a spotlight! Everyone would be dressed up in amazing suits, shades, maybe some fedoras, and we’d choreograph a couple small moves during certain parts of the song! But until that day comes you’d catch me backtracking it and doing my own thing by myself, which would still be a hell of a show!
Could your fans summarize who you are as an artist by this song?
A: “Got It” definitely summarizes that I love to make songs that give a bright vibe, songs that make you move, and overall make things that I know people will like. As an artist, no single song can summarize who I am because I always like to make new and different things! Not even “Pacific Dreams” can fully summarize who I am as an artist…it definitely gives the best insight for now though!
Is there a video planned or completed?
A: Unfortunately, “Got It” does not have a video in the works right now. If I could make it happen the right way with the right tools essentially, then there would have definitely been a video at least planned already. That doesn’t mean that there won’t ever be one though so don’t be too disappointed! I’ll have a video for some song of mine in the near future though, I promise.
What is the motivation behind your music?
A: As an entire whole, the motivation behind my music is the angst to be doing music for a living. I make what I make and do all that I do in hopes that I can be truly doing what I love for a living someday, and all that will ever be is making music. I truly love it, it’s not a passion or a hobby; it’s my life, I have to be doing it or I literally feel ill. The motivation behind my album “Pacific Dreams” was my burning desire to move to the West Coast (California). I’ve visited more than a few times; that is where I belong!

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