polyzone_roofCheck out the interview from POLYZONE about their new single, “You Want Me”?

Why did you select this as your current single?

We selected the song U Want Me for our current single, strictly intuitively on the basis what we felt, to be the song that gives an overall impression on our approach and style. Although it is the most soft and ballad style song  of the Polyzone EP in shows  what we want in music.

What was the writing process for the song? 

Well, first we made the beat. Then Beno – Boogie added a sub bass line, and worked out the chords on a guitar. Then we jammed with some lyrics from Polona – Poly which were memories from the past. That’s when the basic structure of the song was created. The the musicians did their job Tomaz Gajst did a great job on the trumpet and Marko Churnchetz a great jazz pianist did a jam on the rhodes. piano. After that it was more struggling in the production process to make it sound perfect. 

What does the lyrics mean to you?

The lyrics are a flash of memories from the past. The feelings have stayed here and because it was funny and beautiful i have decide to share them and mix them with some good vibes.

What would it be like to see you in person performing?

When we play the song with the live band its even a little more excited as we musicians tend to push it to the limit live so it sounds really as edgy as possible.

Could your fans summarize who you are as an artist by this song? 

Well sure they get a glimpse of what we do, but to get the full picture they will have listen to the full Polyzone EP available at, and check out our live videos on youtube.

Is there a video planned? 

We a planning to make a video to serve the purpose on the internet and local tv stations, and another one which will be big time shoot in London for MTV 🙂 This is planned together with our London shows in September 2015.

What is your motivation behind your music?

We do it because its what we love and do our whole life. And the motivation is to get a solid sounding whole Polyzone LP together till the end of the year.

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