Music: Commercial Terrorist by SPTFYER

International Submission
Why did your band select this song as your single?
We selected this song as the first single as its a statement of our intent and connects well with our audience live
What was the writing process for this song?
 The song was written by Wayne Ford the song started life on a acoustic guitar and was just a case of jamming around the riff, i had the melody and lyric heading for the blue sky kicking about for a while and managed to fit the two together. Heading for the blue sky just screams positivity, so i wanted the track to carry on in that vain , all the band have strong feelings about the lack of real music in the industry and this constant barrage of manufactured pop stars that clog up the charts, so i came up with the concept of a music revolution to fight against corporate fat cats such as Simon Cowell.
How does this song relate to the rest of the Album?
The track is number 2 on the album and follows a heavy based groove in ASSASSIN, so it just sets the tone and the vibe for the
rest of the album, but there’s a few¬†surprises on there too.
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