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Singer, Songwriter, and Actor Carl Thornton was born in North Carolina, but at the tender age of three his parents moved to Long Island, New York and there he was raised. Carl began singing at the age of seven in an elementary school chorus. While on stage of the very first performance he had an epiphany, that singing is what he wanted to do with his life.
He attended The American Academy of Dramatic Arts, H.B. Studios and has taken classes at the Broadway Dance Center. He is currently studying voice with Robert Marks.
Carl played the role of Benny in the National Tour of “RENT,” was Eat Moe in the musical “5 Guys Named Moe,” Detroit in “From My Hometown” and JoJo in “You Shouldn’t Have Told.” His talents have taken him to such places as Austria, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Holland, Istanbul, Dubai and Portugal. In 2013 he was contracted to tour and sing in China.
His current single “Keep Dancin” an irresistibly melodious club banger with an inspirational message that makes one feel empowered, joyous and free. With a mix of velvety vocals and a pulsating, hard driving beat, it will certainly leave the listener feeling happy, exhilarated and inspired.
Carl recently collaborated with DJ/Producer team Carpo & Comes and has a single “C’Mon Me” being released on acclaimed House Label “Jango” coming soon. He is currently living in New York. One of his favorite quotes is “nothing ventured, nothing gained,” words he lives by daily.
Check out this amazing interview with Carl Thornton about his new single and so new things coming up in 2016.
What was the inspiration behind your current Number One Single “I Remember”?
The inspiration came from my own personal experience.  I was in a 7 year relationship that ended abruptly via text.  Saying I was devastated is an understatment, I felt gutted and had to tell myself to breath.  But a voice inside me said “pull it together and keep it moving.”  So I did and the result is this song, part of the healing process.
Can you still recall the writing process?
Honestly, the hook of the song came while I was in the shower!  hahaha I keep singing “Oh you broke my heart.”  One night while in bed drifting off to sleep the baseline came to me and I jumped up and recorded it into my phone.  That was how the process for this song came about for me.
How do you think this song influences you and could influence your fans?
The influence of this song shows the inner strength and determination I have to live a full and happy life, despite the heartache, anger and hurt I felt.  And by me being an example and sharing my truth with my fans, I hope that they see that despite the sometimes difficult challenges of life, that if you believe in yourself there’s nothing you can’t overcome.
What inspires you? What keeps you going?
I have a drive, determination and belief in myself that is unwavering, and that’s what keeps me going.  I am inspired by life, life itself is absolutely incredible.  When I wake up I am inspired by the wonderful beauty that I see all around me on this earth.
You’ve performed in several musicals. You played JoJo in “You Shouldn’t Have Told” and Eat Moe in “5 Guys Named Moe” just to name two.  How different is that from performing your own songs on stage?
The difference is that the my original composition is my own creation, it’s my baby and there’s  an exhiliration that’s unmatched when it’s accepted by, loved by and inspires others.
What are your plans for 2016?
I collaborated with DJ/Producer team Carpo & Comes and I have two releases coming out this year with them.  I am also in rehearsals for my stage show.  I can already sense that 2016 will be an incredibly exciting year!

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