Music: Bridges to Nowhere by Unparalleled Height

Why did you select this song as your single?

We selected the title track from our debut EP “Bridges to Nowhere” which was just recently released on iTunes, amazon, Google music, and many other Digital Download sites. We chose this track because we feel this song is the basis upon which are sound will be in the near future. We experimented with some heavier and softer stuff in our other songs, and although there will be instances of the heavier and lighter stuff in future material we believe that “Bridges to Nowhere” is the core of our writing style to come!
What was the writing process for this song?

The writing process for this song was a little different than the others on the EP. We had a better idea of a plan of attack and what we really wanted out of this song. Since it was the last song to be written of the five, we had better chemistry as a band and a better understanding of who we want to be as a band. We started by demoing the song. We laid down the guitar rhythms, bass, and drums and formed the outline of the song. We then began to add guitar leads, vocals, and better transitions to the song and made it more entertaining for us and also for the listener we believe. Once we did this we focused on vocal harmonies and guitar harmonies. This made it really easy for us in the studio once we started to record.


What does this song mean to the band?

To us this song is about how society now in the United States, primarily in the adolescent ages is living for today and doing what they want to do whenever they want to. People aren’t living by the morals and beliefs they have in their hearts, but are treating meaningless possessions and materialistic items as their importance in their lives; therefore building a bridge with all of these things that ends up leading to nowhere. We in no way are trying to say we are above this, however we are just trying to open people’s eyes.

Upcoming Events:

At this point in time are running to try to play at Rockstar Uproar’s Festival with bands such as Shinedown, Godsmack, Staind, Adelitas Way, and many other Rock/Metal bands. Four bands are selected to play at each venue although one band wins the grand prize and solidifies a spot on next year’s tour and this would be a dream come true for us! Bands win by votes from fans and our profile can be found here
We really appreciate this opportunity you have given us, from the bottom of all our hearts we thank you!!
Unparalleled Height

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