Music:"Blow It Up" and "Spaceship" by Ambition

I chose these songs as my singles because they show both sides of my style. I wanted to show versatility and also show that I can dance also. My music style is Pop/R&B. When I write music I like to write about situations that I been through myself, that way my fans take a little piece of my life along with my music and hopefully they can relate to it in some way. I’ve been writing music for myself and other artist for years so now that I have a formula it’s very easy for me to write. I let the music tell me what the song should be about and then I just feel in the blanks with parts from my life. I joined National R&B group Pretty Ricky in 2007 and they changed my name from Ambition to 4Play. When I left the group in 2009 I changed it back to Ambition. My debut solo album “Spaceship” is available on iTunes NOW  and my New Website is

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