Black Star by Slim Shakes (International Submission)

The lyrics to the song came to me one midnight when I was finding it hard to sleep and thus inspired to write….Black Star is an everyday inspiration song.
Much as it might appear biased towards The Ghana National Football (Black Stars) Team, a careful listen to the lyrics makes it transcend  the game to our very lives and identity that as a black African, you could achieve whatever you wish to achieve provided you believe in your dreams …like an eagle, you could also spread out your wings to fly…to dominate the skies!!!!
People whose lives also inspired the song include Dr, Kwame Nkrumah,  Barack Obama, Nelson Mandela, Dr. Kofi Annan, Azumah Nelson, Martin Luther King Jr, John F. Kennedy, etc etc who have been able to achieve so much against all odds!!!!!
Black Star is a song that appeals both politically and socially to the elderly and the young….to the ladies and the guys alike. We all know politics divides a nation but a single game could bring us all together.
Ghana is taking part in the African Cup of Nations and everyone believes it’s our time to lift the cup, so will this song serve as a motivation for both players and supporters alike and beyond that the nation will  be going to the polls later this year. In the same vein this song admonishes us to be of good conduct since Ghana is the gateway to West Africa and an example to all of Africa
It is enjoying massive patronage both within the country and outside as well….people are able to relate to the rhythm, the choice of words (lyrics) and the artiste (SHAKES) himself…and I think those are the qualities any good song should boast of…
Currently SHAKES is preparing to perform in a few selected venues over the country and is also looking forward to going to the Venues of  the AFCON to perform both for the players and spectators to make sure the cup comes to Ghana!!!!!
Copyright (c) 2012 TeamShakes Ghana

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