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Check out our interview with instrumentalist that is responsible for the  Best Of BeatTape and the app “YG’s MMA .
How did you select the instrumentals used for your Best Of BeatTape late fourth quarter?
It was fairly easy selecting the instrumentals for the best of tape being Christmas time the eggnog had me lit, I felt that was a holiday gift for everyone that has supported myself and my empire whether artist, entertainer, or just as a listener. I plugged the external up that night and searched between both Kush & Red Kool-Aid Beats Pt 1-10 & So InstruMENTAL Pt 1-5.
It wasn’t a problem adding fan favorites because I doubled the track list to twenty (20) per the usual 10-12 to give ample time to vibe out VIP style. The music was at a respectable level but me and my minions were gettin down!! They also gave me my final thumbs up on all the beats I selected.
I remember creating all of these instrumentals so it was heaven putting together the order of the beat tape, as weird as it sounds it was listening to a time line of my own memories within a good hour, I enjoy that process a lot, so much I’ve almost dropped a Best Of pt 2 a couple times this month already[Laughs] but it’s first quarter what can I say I’m always on GO!!
A fun fact I learned during is Kush & Red Kool-Aid Beats Pt 1-10 was released from the years 2007-2014, which just happens to be my birthday July 14th .
How does this beattape fit in with the rest of your projects released?
So instrumental Vol 5 [July 2016] was also released on my birthday as well so this was like a 6 month gap without dropping a beat tape, one of the longest in my career.
In that time we released mixtape singles “Whatchu Need” by NJ Hip Hop Artist’s -211- & “TRUSSHER” by Buckland Ent / TrussLife artist MDM, as well as hosting MDM’s 3rd quarter – “Escape Tape” Prod by Champ {@Showtime1nj} who is also a fellow NJ producer who knows how to finesse soulful hits, the Escape Tape had 2016 soundin like 96 again.
2017 I plan on showcasing these producers in a regal way on my next instrumental compilation PMS Instrumentals (Play My Sh*t) to finish answering your question this release was all off timing as always, and a pleasure reminiscing to the older & newer YG.
What was your input on Dolo Ice’s & MDM’s “Friday the 13th” mixtape this January 2017?
Just doing exactly what we do it’s first quarter and still no red lights in sight. I remember Dolo Ice hitting myself and MDM up and we briefly discussed online dropping a tape that day “Friday the 13th” and did just that.
Hosted by myself these two BuckLand Artists came together making for an instant classic mixtape. It didn’t take no serious planning or campaigning, we assembled the tracks, mastered, and finessing the cover was the final knot tying together years of music relationships & records between both artists including songs from Dolo Ice (Hard & Live On) and MDM (SlowDance & TRUSSHer) which happen to all be timeless tracks in my opinion.
Explain the TRUSSHER record you produced for MDM in 2016 and the concept behind this song?
I couldn’t fully explain this record in a short fashion, nor would I be the best representative but what I do know is TRUSSher is the female flip on TRUSS which is used amongst our Empire of Kings & Queens as a sign of certainty and strength.
I feel like MDM gave us his side of the modern day version of bonnie and what is expected from her to be apart of TRUSS, blended with my mix on the Mary Jane Girls “All Night Long” was just enough to find out if she ridin with truss or not…
How much does that record relate to yourself?
I mean it was in his words obviously I just finessed the beat but every man is searching to some extent as to who is going to take on that role,so in that sense I would say its very much relatable to myself because although submissive when it came to Clyde, Bonnie knew that he was looking for a special kind of woman and that she was very much not that, by far, but because he(Clyde) thought so highly of her that was sufficient enough to fit the role for his acceptance & truss.
Which i feel is nonexistent in this day and age, most are selfish and only concerned w/ their independence unless television or social media programs them to think otherwise, there are no Martha Becks on Love & HipHop, you wont see the modern day David & Catherine Birnie scammin on the book, lord knows i’m not condoning the behavior just shining light on the fact that Clyde & Fred West may not of had it all, but I am sure they would both tell you they had more than enough…and that’s Truss!
Could your fans summarize who you are as a producer by your beats?
Yes very much, the samples I use are very soulful and exhibit a futuristic ambiance.. the way I manipulate sounds are a way most beat makers do not. When I am working on something I already know the top ten ways my most influenced producers
would flip the sample, making it easier for me to allow my creativity to shine thru and create a sound of my own, when your not mimicking something else
your limitless to being the best you can be, in this industry having your own sound is rare which makes myself my own competition.
How do you remain personal in the music industry when it comes to social media?
I am very personal across all social networks giving artists worldwide close to 24hr access to me, we’re always workin.
My email is prodbythegentleman@gmail
Your more than welcome to contact me
“YG’s MMA (Mobile Media App) is the headquarters for everything about me from my bio, instrumentals,news & interviews, as well
as links to all my mixtapes & social outlets like facebook, instagram, youtube etc.
Free in the GooglePlay Store and Coming to the Itunes Market Very Soon, social media has been essential for networking with some key moguls and look forward to working with them more in the near future.
One last question, what is your motivation behind your music?
Definitely moments like this, and I appreciate the opportunity to be featured on your site. Being able to mix it up & share a little about myself with music professionals that I follow myself is major.
I would say, the timeless music with artists is also motivation, it is nice to be complimented on the music from fans don’t get me wrong, but the love I receive from the actual artists/songwriters around the world I’ve worked with is truly a honor you have no idea. When it comes to my culture hip hop is a key platform to get our message across (aside from a stand up comic) so to have an artist air out one of my beats is special to me.
These records will live on a lot longer than I will, so God willing we continue to keep it lit up like a movie screen…Its A Wrap!!
Check out one of his instrumentals below:

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