Be My Drink

Serial Obsession
Why did you select this song as your single?
I selected the song “Be My Drink” because it features all the elements that make up Serial Obsession. High Energy,Catchy Hooks,Flashy Guiatr and strong vocals.
How  does this song fit with the other songs from the Ep? 
The song fits in well with the new ep ,entitled “Pull The Pin” our new 4 song Ep that is uptempo,fun and combines,power pop,rock,alternative in a tight package
What was the writing process?
The writing process can come from different angles,when you have 4 creative people all capable of writing complete songs. On, Be My Drink, Andrew brought in the main structure of the song and the concept. Shawn and T. Motts began with a couple of different drafts of the lyrics and melody and in the end Shawn works it out to be smooth and fluid,the rest of us work out the dynamics and groove!
Tells us about the lyrics a bit 
The lyrics are really a fun idea that compares the lovely lady in question to a fine wine or other libation.
What is it like to see you perform this song live?
Live, is the way Serial Obsession should be experienced,this song like all our material has an elevated presentation  especially feeding off the energy of a great crowd dancing or singing along
Is this more like the other music you do?
Although we don’t like to think of ourselves as a one trick pony,I think this tune definitely has the characteristics, in sound,lyrics and melody that help define who Serial Obsession is.
Will there be a video? 
We are exploring the possibilities of doing a true,professional done video.
What’s your motivation?  
The motivation behind our music is this: As rock fans as well as musicians,we listen to,appreciate and take influence from the last 4 decades of rock and use all the components to create a sound and style that excites and makes us happy and hopefully that translates to our audience,we don’t look to be ultra modern or follow trends that for american idols, we play the music will live,If you don’t own it you can’t sell it!

Serial Obsession
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