Mahogany Marie

Mahogany Marie

She is a Chicago born singer that mixes an eclectic brand of soul and R&B with a hint of Country. Her latest music video “kickback” is smooth and soulful and worth a full listen on her YouTube page.

Make sure to check out her page and follow her because some big things are coming from her this year including a new EP release!

Read more about Mahogany’s inspiring personal journey below:

With people not buying albums anymore and craving GOOD music, Mahogany Marieseeks to take on this market by storm. Mahogany has been writing and performing since the tender age of 11 and appreciates a wide range of genres. Not the type to be “Boxed in”, her lea​ding mantra is…”If it is a risk being yourself..then that’s a risk worth taking”. Peace and many blessings to all that follow her on her journey to prove that you really CAN make all of your dreams come true:)

Mahogany Marie was born and raised in Chicago, IL where at aged 8 she discovered her talent for writing. By age 11 she had written her first song and her teacher encouraged the young Mahogany to enter a school talent contest which she won 1st place. Still not quite convinced of her own emerging talent, it was not until in 6th grade, when her classmates encouraged her to volunteer to sing the song ‘Sweet Home Chicago’ on a field trip to see ‘The House of Blues’ did Mahogany realize that maybe what others were saying about her was actually true.

At age 16, she teamed up with house music DJ/Producer Harrison Crump, to form the all-girl group Je’monet. Mahogany performed with the group at the Harold Washington Cultural Center, Kennedy King College and what was formally known as the cotton club on Chicago’s south side. The group later broke up due to artistic differences.

Mahogany continued to perform in musical theater in high school, playing the lead role of Dorothy in the ‘Wiz’ and the lead in ‘Taming of the Shrew’. After many well received performances, she continued to perform in several musicals in Chicago. During this time Mahogany was fortunate enough to meet and work with Oscar Brown Jr in the twilight years of his career. Oscar Brown Jr included her in several of his own original musical productions as well.

As time went on Mahogany also performed in “My Chicago’ and ‘School Daze’ with the Margaret Mahdi Production Company. During this time she continued to develop her singing and song writing abilities citing major influences such as Prince, Erykah badu, Lauryn Hill , Amy Winehouse, and Taylor swift.

Currently she is working on her second EP called “my open diary” that is due to be released in early fall. Stay tuned for some big releases coming from this talented artist and make sure to follow her on this personal music journey.

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