A select few of us are able to find our passion in life at an early age. Choze knew from he was only 5 years old that hip hop, and its many elements, would be a part of his life forever. Over the years he has honed his skills and has gained respect as one of the true purveyors of hip hop in the Pittsburgh region.

Chris “Choze” Jaeger was born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA. Choze grew up admiring the singing and dancing talents of James Brown and Michael Jackson. After watching them perform, he wanted to develop both his dancing and rapping skills, as a way of expressing himself and connecting with people around the world. Choze focused on music as the creative outlet for his joys and hardships. In the years that followed, Choze became a dedicated student of hip-hop and continued to hone his craft in these areas.

Choze developed his dancing talent and eventually would become one of the premier bboys (breakdancers) in the Pittsburgh region. Choze has competed at many national competitions, winning various awards for his dancing prowess. At the same time, he has developed a unique voice in his music with a distinct sound. His music has been well received in Pittsburgh, getting radio play on top Pittsburgh stations and in the major clubs.

Choze has expanded outside of the Pittsburgh region, performing in Houston, Miami, L.A, San Diego, Philadelphia and Chicago. He has worked with national recording artists such as Ja Rule, Flo-Rida, Bone Thugs and Harmony, Run DMC, Talib Kweli and others, performing for thousands of spectators. Choze pushes himself to continually find new ways of connecting to those who share his passion for music and dance.

The music that Choze writes is diverse and connects with his listeners on various levels. He puts out infectious club hits such as “Bounce With Me”, and “Bad Boy”,but can also follow it up with heartfelt storytelling tracks such as “A Long Time Coming”. Choze strives to bring out the raw emotion of all human experience in his words, making his music deeply personal.

Choze will continue to entertain through music for as long as he is able. Through the coming years, you will continue to see Choze raise the bar for music and entertainment in his work. It is time for everyone to enter into the mind of Choze.