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Heavy GreenKawin – aka- Ms. ETC ETC here with a one one one interview. I sat down with Bobby Capri while he was in New York City for a performance. He is a Texan born hip hop artist who has been performing and writing music for as long as he could remember. His music and videos have been featured on for one of the newest Artist to look out for. Here’s my sit down with Bobby Capri.
Kawin – Tell me where you’re from?
Bobby – I’m originally from TX. I was born outside Amarillo. We started moving early on though. I’ve pretty much lived everywhere. I came to VA in 98′ and have been here longer than I’ve lived anywhere else. So really I consider myself to be from Virginia.
Kawin – How has being from VA/Texas influenced your style of music?
Bobby –I didn’t spend much time in TX so I wouldn’t say that influenced my music really at all. I remember my cousins putting me on to chopped & screwed music way back..but I never really got into it much. As far as VA goes tho, I’m pretty much located between NY and ATL…so I feel like I was exposed to both Southern and NY hip hop. I think that mixture definitely influenced my sound. I feel like I approach beats with more of an NY/northern flow and being from the south, the way I pronounce my words and the way I speak allows me to rhyme things and play off of sounds differently.
Kawin – Tell me what your inspiration is when it comes to music?
BobbyMy inspiration really comes from the love of punch lines and slick ways to say things. I feel like I’m a comedian in a sense, throughout  everyday life. I love cracking jokes and shit. I feel like comedians always have some over the top and different way to look at everyday situations. That’s pretty much what “bars” are to me. So I’m inspired by everyday life.
Kawin – What other genres of music influence what you record?
BobbyI listen to all types of music. Bob Marley, The Beetles, Garth Brooks, Journey… I think good music is good music. The fact that some of these artist have songs that still resonate with people so many years later, inspires me in itself.
Kawin – Describe your style of rap. (Give us a few freestyle bars)
My style is really just slick talking. I’m big on metaphors and similes. I reference pop culture a lot throughout my music. For example on “Tunnel Vision” I say
“I keep on hearing I’m…missing in action just passing my time without em/ no need to ask bout the shit I be missing out on/ my vision is dead center in the middle like im Malcolm/ like I’m Michael on the balcony, holding em out the window/ I told em everything golden, I showed em alchemy’s simple/ but how come that won’t convince em/ how come they only wishing, then doing the same ol shit, like the outcome is gon be different..”
So I referenced “Malcolm In The Middle” as well as Michael Jackson when he held the baby out the window of his hotel in Berlin.
Bobby Capri
Kawin – You have been compared to Nas and Lupe Fiasco, how do you actually differ?
BobbyI think it’s an honor to even be mentioned in the same breath as Nas or even Lupe Fiasco. Honestly, I don’t see the comparison. I think there’s a clear difference. Both of those artist are in depth story tellers. I tell stories as well… Just not as politically conscience I guess for lack of a better way to describe it.
Kawin – tell me about the first hip hop/rap song  you ever heard and what was it?
Bobby I had heard a little rap at the time…I was living in Oregon. There wasn’t really any hip hop stations and it’s not like now, with the Internet…so rap wasn’t really reaching that area as of then. But I really got into it after Collio’s “Gangster Paradise” believe it or not lol it was in MTV and we had just got cable.
Kawin – Today Marks the birthday of Biggie Smalls, he would have been 42yrs old,  What do you think he would say  about the Generation of hip hop today?
BobbyThat’s hard to say really.. Given the people that he was a associated with & how the rest of them turned out… Idk. I’d like to think he would be in a Jay-Z type position and would’ve remained relevant enough to set the trends and not be one of these hip hop pioneers hanging on for dear life, following whatever is hot at the moment.
Kawin – How has music made a difference in your life?
BobbyMusic is literally my life. As far back as I can remember, I would write rhymes. I always wanted to do this. I think knowing that I wanted to pursue a music career, forced me to approach life differently. I lost 80lbs to further my career. I needed to be marketable, so I pushed to make myself fit that. Everything I do is based off of how it will affect my music career.
Kawin – If there was one thing you could say to an up and coming artists what would that be?
BobbyI would tell them to put everything they have into it, and to stay true to themselves. Make the music that their gut tells them to make. Don’t try and fit in.
Kawin – Your performance tonight at The Delancey was very good, tell me about the three songs you performed.
BobbyThank you. I appreciate you coming out to support. I started my set off with what I like to call a “PriMix” (remix) to someone else’s track. The first one was “Man of the Year” by scHoolBoy Q. Everyone seems to really vibe with that one. It’s really just a bragadosious verse, talking my shit. Then I went into that Biggie “Respect” beat..(seeing that it was a biggie tribute) I had to incorporate that one into the set. Then I performed “Brown Paper Bag” & “Tunnel Vision” off if my last project “Instant Gratification” along with my latest single “Room Full Of Strangers” and my PriMix to Drake’s “Worst Behavior”
Kawin – Why did you choose those songs for tonight’s showcase?
BobbyI felt like those songs had a nice flow into one another. I like my sets to take you on a ride. Life is valleys & peaks.
Kawin – You have a title track called, Tunnel Vision featuring Sean Price, what’s the true meaning behind it and how did you to get together for this song?
Bobby The song is really about being one track minded, and focused on the goal at hand. It’s about determination and persistence. As far as the feature, we know mutual people and it just kinda came together. Sean Price is a cool ass dude. Definitely one of my favorite songs to date.
Kawin – You have done songs with a lot of artists, can you name a few of them?
BobbyI’ve done tracks with Troy Ave, Jon Connor, Sean Price of course, Apollo The Great and plus many other up and coming artist, such as myself from all over. Collabs are cool, they give you an opportunity to reach fans who otherwise may have never been put on to your music.
Kawin – What’s your next project that your working on?
BobbyAs of right now, my project is still untitled. It’s done. We’re just finalizing some things. I guess I should solidify a title soon lol
Kawin – Do you have any tour dates, shows coming up?
BobbyMy schedule is definitely filling up these days. I’ll keep everybody posted on exact dates and locations via my website and social networks.
Kawin – Where can people contact you to follow your movement? IG, TW, fb, soundcloud etc.
They can also visit my site at  or follow me on Twitter, Instagram & SoundCloud ALL @VaCapri
Bobby –They can check out my videos & subscribe they can follow me on FB & for all inquiries about features, performances, etc. I can be reached at 
Kawin – It was a pleasure meeting you tonight. I can surely see your grinding hard for your dream. I know the readers on will be excited to read this. Thank you for allowing me to come out to your show. Congratulations on all your success!
Bobby –Thank you for coming out and giving me the opportunity to speak!! It was a pleasure

Bobby Capri Started from the bottom
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