Music: Andru Anthony – Move on with my Life (Official Video)

Talented singer/deejay Andru Anthony is one of he voices in reggae music dedicated to focusing on positive messages.
Born in Kingston, Jamaica, christened Andrew Stewart, he faced numerous challenges while growing up but music was where he found joy. Music for him began in the church and on the street corners of the various communities such as Waterhouse, Cockburn Pen and Portmore.
His first recording was a track titled, Oh Mass Charlie for producer Alton Minott. He left Jamaica with a friend in 1998 for Curacao and hooked up with the band Goldie Locks and recorded a song titled Gusta Paca (This Little Girl Love Money) which was an instant hit. It went number one in Aruba in 1998. He also had a number one song on the charts in The Netherlands and Australia titled, Everybody’s Irish.
Andru Anthony toured and performed in Aruba, St Maarten, Europe, Japan, and many States in the USA. His current single, Moving On With My Life, is getting extensive airplay in Jamaica and other Caribbean countries, North America, England, Europe, Australia, Japan and Africa. The accompanying video is soon to be released.
He now resides in the United States and is signed to Uniti Records, an independent recording label which he co-owns with his business partner Rob Conticelli. His soon to be released 16-track album is titled RelationShift.
A competent songwriter and guitar player, Andru Anthony has an unorthodox approach to music; so whether the genre is reggae, rock, r&b, soul, jazz, dancehall or hip hop, he is not afraid to experiment as he recognises the world his is audience.
His personality can be described as cool and calm with an unmistakable energy. His in-depth knowledge and understanding of African and world history allows him to seamlessly cross boundaries and generations,thus making an indelible mark on the minds of the conscious people as he delivers thought provoking lyrics.
“Music is the universal language … I do music in order to attract an international audience; I have to represent to the fullest. I have to be in it, in order to win it,” he explains.
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