Album Review: The Ghost and The Gasoline by August Ruins – Pittsburgh, PA

August 11, 2011
PITTSBURGH August Ruins high energy and great fundamentals demonstrate that they could possibly be one of the bigger draws on the Pittsburgh music scene. Their EP provides glimpses of possible good outcomes for this band. This group provides intense emotion and very catchy hooks but not as involved verses. The song Don’t turn away as presented by the artist, “is about my now ex-girlfriend and I. It was written as a fictional break up song, which ironically came true almost a year to the day we wrote it.” After hearing such comments the reviewers expected deep lyrics, but were left with a hook driven song.
Our only thought was because it was based on fiction at the time of inspiration; it truly does not demonstrate what the artist went through. Even with these flaws the CD does deliver, iMoveiLive can’t count down the days fast enough until we see them in concert. Our rating for this EP a rating 3.5 out of 5.0 and an iMoveiLive stamp of approval for intense emotion and high energy. We Love their music but expected more from this soon to be great band.
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