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Behind ever album there is a story. These stories make the album worth so much more to the artist. For this reason when a bad review is written it’s hard for the artist to understand why. Because of this we have created an interview format that will take the artist through the each story that brought them to the completion of the album.  The goal is to help bring the artist’s fan closer to the artist and hopefully help to make the fan feel the same as the artist when the album succeeds and or fails.  Each question is designed to help bring the fans to understand why. Today we interview Nashville raising star Brittany Spriggs.
Brittany please try to take us back to the beginning of the album and give us the reason why you started writing this album? What album are we talking about?
This album, “Brand New” was the start of a new beginning for me. It represents me finally getting to live my dream. I’ve always wanted to be a singer/songwriter but was often intimidated by all the talent that surrounds me daily. Also, I knew it was not going to be an easy road. But, soon I realized that I’d much rather work countless hours a week at something that I love than 40 hours a week at something that drains my soul.

What was the first song that was written for this album and did it make the final cut. If it did and or did not make the album please explain why?
The first song I wrote for this project is called “Gettin’ Pretty” and it actually did not make the final cut. In the beginning I wanted a mix of things I’d written and things from writers who I greatly respect and admire. After several months of listening, writing and listening a little more I ultimately decided not to cut any of my originals. The project just developed a mind of its own and I went with it. It was a hard decision to come by in some ways but I do not regret my decision at all. I absolutely LOVE the songs I cut. I wanted as strong of a project as possible even if that meant not cutting my own tunes. It was an amazing learning experience and I truly believe my decision made me a better writer and singer.
Brittany, tell us about how the first melody for the album was created? What brought the idea? Was it a drum hit, was it a synth? What brought it to your mind?
Even though “Gettin’ Pretty” did not make the final cut for my record it is one of my favorite songs I’ve ever written. The idea came during a conversation with my now husband who I often co-write with. I said to him “I gotta go put on my getting pretty song and get dressed!” And, he replied, “You should write a song about that.” So, I did! First, I wrote the chorus which took about 20 minutes…when I’m inspired the words just come out. Then, I sat down one afternoon with my husband and wrote the verses. We were both feeling pretty jazzed at that point but then we couldn’t decide on music.  Yikes! I had a pretty good idea for a melody but we were at a stand still. So, the song sat on my desktop for a couple months waiting to be finished. Later, I met a very talented writer named Andy Wills and told him about the song. We set up a time to write and in a couple hours the song was finally finished! It just needed another brain and perspective.
Please let us know when and how the overall concept of the album came about?
I was lucky enough to be able to work with my incredibly talented father, Michael Spriggs, on this project. He is a seasoned pro and has oodles of experience in the industry. He always thinks of where music is going next and I try to think that way now too. I wanted the album to be modern and fresh but still respectful of the country music industry. It was important to me to use real instruments and do real vocals. The process may seem a bit old fashion to some but that’s okay by me. Our vision was to keep old traditions alive and make new ones along the way.
So, where there any funny stories that occurred when this album was being written?
Well, this isn’t so much a funny story about writing but more a funny story about recording. To do vocals, I think it’s of the utmost importance to be comfortable. For me, this meant singing in my slippers and bundled up in my pj’s and bathrobe. I was able to do my vocals at my parent’s house in my dad’s home studio and it was perfect. Very cozy and I had the luxury of being able to take my time and nail down my vocals without my nerves getting the better of me.

What were some of the hardest parts in creating this album, from writing the lyrics to selecting the studio to record?
The hardest part for me was believing in myself. This is a tough business and it has a tendency to test you often. I told myself if I could get through this project I could do anything I set me mind to.
What song means to the most and why does it mean the most?
“I Don’t Know” definitely means the most to me because it’s simple and relatable. The message is so incredibly powerful without being bogged down by too many lyrics. When I first heard the song I thought to myself “Wow, that is the saddest song I have ever heard” which I totally mean in a good way. Anyone can identify with this song since we all have experienced loss.

What was the story behind the artwork?
I believe the artwork for this project directly reflects the vibe of the record. My dear friend, Erick Anderson, was the photographer for the album and we bounced ideas off each other for a bit and agreed that something modern and clean with a side of edge was the best approach. We didn’t want to over design and have too many things going on to distract from the photography. But, in true country fashion, I made sure big hair made an appearance 🙂
How was the first single selected and why was it selected? Did you flip a coin, did management tell you to pick it?
This was a no brainer…”Full Moon Friday” was going to be the first single. It’s powerful, edgy and honestly just a really fun song. I never get tired of singing it. Also, it was the first song I chose for the album so it seemed very appropriate. I wanted to get people’s attention and it certainly does!

Was there some thought going through your mind when selecting the order each song would play?
Absolutely! I debated for weeks during the recording process on how I wanted to tell the story of this album. It was tough. If an album doesn’t have a good song flow you can lose your audience. Ultimately, I knew what I wanted the listener to hear first and last and then the rest came together.
What was the first thought when the album was completed and you listen to it all the way through?
“I can’t believe I actually did this!” The feeling was unbelievable. The first time I listened to the album all the way through I was in my car driving from Atlanta to Nashville. The great thing about listening in the car is you hear everything surrounding you. I was very content. It was something that took countless hours to create and years of dreaming and training to accomplish.
What were your thoughts when you got the first review?
I was very lucky that my first review was positive and the writer appreciated my work. In many ways it was a moment of relief. Phew! As an artist and like most artists, my music is a direct reflection of who I am. It’s so personal. Every time I sing I am bearing my soul so a positive reaction from the public is very much appreciated.

Did you accomplish what you set out to do with this album? And what was the goal of this album?
Without a doubt! The ultimate goal was to create a strong and progressive project that people would want to listen to time and time again. My mom listens to the project regularly so that’s good! I know I have at least one loyal listener.
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