Album Review: The Name is Tess EP

Artist: Tess
Album: The Name is Tess EP
Reviewer: Jaysen Gold
iMoveiLive Rating:  4 out of 5

New York has given us quite a few artists over the years: Lady Gaga, Alicia Keys, Jennifer Lopez and now Tess.  You may not know the name Tess now, but after you’ve given her 7 song digital EP “The Name is Tess” a listen, you won’t forget the name Tess.  Tess has a voice and style all her own so it’s very hard to compare her to any of today’s artists.  Her music is part dance, part singer-songwriter and can sort of be described as an Alicia Keys/Lady Gaga hybrid.
The EP’s first single is “MJ,” an upbeat, semi-stoner dance number which creatively rhymes “fat one” with Michael Jackson.  The dance tunes make up the majority of the record, songs like “Danger” and “Cut Open” make for good party starters.  The amount of dance tunes on “The Name is Tess” may be numerous, but in no way does Tess sacrifice deep lyrics for a killer beat.  “Cut Open” takes you on the journey of a relationship gone bad, “Haunted” talks about the love of a man that haunts the woman in the song.
By far the most stand out track on the whole EP is the stripped down “Morphine.”  The character’s pain is very evident, and if you listen to the song in your car I would suggest pulling over because you may shed a tear or two.  “Morphine, take me over, not gonna fight it, don’t wanna feel the pain,” lyrics from the chorus of “Morphine” that really set the stage for the whole song, truly great writing on that number.
If you’d like the listen to Tess’ new EP or download any of her songs, you can check her out on iTunes or visit her Soundcloud page by clicking this link:

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