Album Review: The Blue Collar Recital by Wordsmith – Baltimore, MD

YEAHHAlbum: The Blue Collar Recital

Artist: Wordsmith

Reviewer: Michael Palmer
iMoveiLive Rating: 4 out of 5
iMoveiLive rating 4 Approval
Since listening to the “The Blue Collar Recital,” by Baltimore’s own Wordsmith I have been trying to put together a review that would give this stand out album the justice it deserves. This album is not great because of the lyrics, the metaphors, the flow and or the beat selections. This album is great because the album actually has a meaning, a concept, a message that a majority of Americans and people around the world could relate to.
The album is made up true life situation much like Wordsmith raps on track three called, “When Your Faith is Tested.” He raps, “Why I get a call from my job laying me off, saying why to my boss he saying they needed to lower cost,” and this is not even the worst thing that happens. It much like life how things just keep getting worse before they get better and relatable Unlike most music out. His music shows the struggle but not from a “hustler’s” point of view but from a hard working middle class man.
As the album continues it does bring you down in a sense and then you the audience as for a change and the change does come at the perfect time. This song is called, “Lunch Break” and even though it’s on the same concept of trying to progress but getting shot down it has a great tempo, great features and a nice need break.
There is only one track I would take off this album because it does not match Word’s style but because of the overall level of this album I will not mention it’s name. This album has gotten a few spins so far from me and I recommend you getting this album. In light of this we gave the album a 4 out of 5 iMoveiLive approval.

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