Album Review: Party Scars by Sunken Monkey

sm-party-scars-coverArtist: Sunken Monkey

Album: Party Scars

Album Reviewer: Michael Mariscal

Rating: 1.5

Here we go. Another British punk-rock band.
That’s the thought that everyone introduced to Sunken Monkey will have, the thought that the band absolutely needs to disprove in order to have any success beyond the bar scene. And that’s the thought that the band ultimately makes a fact with their new album Party Scars.
The album itself is a race to the finish (in which I wish the band godspeed). With the tempo generally double what would be appropriate, the drummer seems keen on returning their investment in a double-bass drum pedal as the guitar strums though power chords.
Perhaps the speed and noise is to help out the singer. When yelling through a wall of crunchy amplifiers and abused crash symbols, he fits fairly well. But when the band leaves and it’s only him and an acoustic guitar on the song ‘Til Death Do us Party (don’t even get me started) he just keeps yelling and cracking notes.
In the end, the album isn’t horrible. There are enough good riffs and catchy choruses to keep it from that description. But it adds absolutely nothing original to make it worth a listen. I give it a 1.5.

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