Album Review: One by These Lions – Pittsburgh, PA

These LionsARTIST: These Lions

Album: “One”

Reviewer: Jaysen Gold

Score: 4 out of 5

Tracklist for “One” is as follows:
1- Floating
2- Drift Away
3- So High
4- Say Goodbye
5- They’ll Sing
6- Dead
7- Graveyard Waltz

If the hipster movement has sounds, These Lions is the band that brings them all together and turns them into some beautifully cello laced indie rock songs.  Lead singer Anthony Jardine (think Jack White meets Gavin Degraw) and his talented bunch have put together a collection of seven lyrically driven, well produced songs that would bode well playing in the car stereo of mid 20 something’s on their way to Trader Joe’s or that weekend coffee shop.
One kicks off (download version, actually first song is, “floating”) with a soft, heart wrenching ballad called “Dead.”  “Dead” really captures the band’s sound which relies heavily on cello and indie rocker guitar licks.  “Drift Away” is the second song on One and brings in the other instrument that was nearly absent from the album’s first track…drums.
Perhaps the most stand out track on the record is “Graveyard Waltz,” a departure from the rest of the album, mainly because it features the band’s former female member Briana Carraher.  Briana Carraher hauntingly beautiful voice (think Sara Bareilles meets Lana Del Rey) puts you into the song and makes you completely forget about your surroundings, a gift so few have in today’s dance laden Top 40 radio.
Anthony, Bryan, Tim, Pamela and David worked hard on this debut effort, and it really shows.  If you’re a big Indie Rock fan and like to contemplate the meaning of creative and intelligent lyrics, then go pick up One today.  If you’re looking to put your stunner shades on and get ready to go out and dance, you might want to hear These Lions “roar” another day.

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