Album Review: More Die of Heartbreak by Chuckie Campbell – Buffalo, NY

More die of HeartbreakArtist: Chuckie Campbell
Album Title: More Die of Heartbreak
Album Reviewer: Dale Y the Green Guy
Rating: 3
Rating 3 Approval
With a lineup of ex Wu Tang Clan members, Cappadonna and Solomon Childs, Cole Jonique of Tate Music Group and Erin Breeding of The Breedings, you might think that Chuckie would have hit this album out of the park. But although good in many many ways, the album, as a whole, is a bit spotty and almost seems to be looking for an identity.
Certainly, Synesthesia stands out above the crowd, and if you get this collection of tunes for that rap only, you would be good to go. But after that stellar piece of work, only a few others really come close.
Against the Grain feat, with the aforementioned help from the members of the Wu Tang Clan, has an energy and vibe that is tough to beat, and it works to get your mojo goin’. So does the way he and Cole Jonique get down. They slow it down and speed it up, with a rhyming bit of fast wordplay that kicks. The title track, More Die of Heartbreak, slows things way down and shows off Chuckie’s passionate side. Considering the fact that most of this album is high intensity, it’s a nice change in pace.
However, the bottom line is that, in most cases, it sounds like you’ve heard this all before. Not that it’s bad in any stretch, but in a lot of ways, it almost sounds formulaic. It’s got good beats, good melodies, good lyrics and good jive, and it will probably appeal to the masses just because of that. But so do a ton of other albums out these days, and nothing genuinely separates More Die of Heartbreak from the pack.
Chuckie has a good thing going here, he is on the right track, the man has talent, and if you are looking for some solid overall grooves, Chuckie puts it right there, and that’s what More Die of Heartbreak is all about.

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