Album Review: Messages by Blunda – North Hollywood, CA

Blunda_Messages_1400x1400_FINALArtist: Blunda
Album Title: Messages EP
Album Reviewer: Dale Y the Green Guy
Rating: 4
iMoveiLive rating 4 Approval
– Tracklisting –
1. A Broken Case
2. If You Want Me
3. Messages
4. Devil Inside
5. The Money Side
Andy Blunda, winner of ASCAP Film and Television award in 2013, guitarist for Fastball in the late 90’s, guitar and keys for Paloalto in the early 2000’s, has come out with his second EP called Messages. This multi talented instrumentalist self-produced this album, and it’s a goody. Pulling song ideas from the past decade, he weaves them together to form a tight fitting, easy listening 80’s type of style that reminds some of Pink Floyd with shades of Thomas Dolby thrown in for good measure. That is not to say that Blunda does not have his own style, as is evident on “Messages” as a whole, but the familiarity from the past makes this EP instantly comfortable and very appealing.
“A Broken Case” begins this symphony for your ears, and if there would be a tune to dance to, this song fits the bill here. It’s a long intro, and you almost wait for it to end, but it really starts to move and groove after that.
“The Devil Inside”  with another long introduction segue takes a little bit to get moving, but it kicks from then on. Certainly not a dance tune, but it will get your feet tapping and your body swaying. The drum beat rules overall, and the ethereal voice-work over the top takes it to a higher high.
The premier song here is the title track, “Messages.” If you like electro-pop with a nice little guitar riff in the middle, you’ll certainly gravitate to this song. This would give a serious run as a top 40 hit in the 80’s, no doubt about it, and really, it sounds just as good now no matter what decade you are in.
The sleeper on this EP has got to be to be “If You Want Me.” The electro-funk-pop intro just sucks you right in and keeps on keepin’ on. Some of the intros on the other songs may be a bit too long, but this one is just right! This synth driven song leaves you wanting more like this from Andy Blunda, and depending on your tastes, this may be the best song on the EP.
Hopefully, “Messages” is a sign of the things to come.. Andy Blunda and his talent cannot be questioned, and he proves it with the songs on this EP.

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