Album Review: Meredith O'connor EP – New York, NY

Meredith O'Connor - EP Meredith O'ConnorArtist: Meredith O’connor
Album: Self-titled EP
Reviewer: Jaysen Gold
iMoveiLive rating: 4 out of 5
Rating Scale 4
It’s not often you find a young artist that has been through enough heartache to sing about heartbreak songs truthfully.  Some have tried to sing those heartbreak and jaded love songs with feeling but fell short, brand new teen pop sensation Meredith O’connor has tried and definitely succeeded.  Meredith’s self-titled debut release boasts four tracks chock full of the type of lyrics you might find on a Taylor Swift or Selena Gomez album.
Celebrity” is the album’s debut single which is a kiss off song that proclaims, “never gonna see my heart on my sleeve.”  “Celebrity” is pop country and has the potential to become the next great obsession song that tweens will be singing at their lockers at school after a really tough breakup.
There’s another future tween anthem on the record as well.  “14 Miles” is a song about a girl who warns a boy that’s really close to her that the girl he’s with is going to leave her soon.  The song’s narrator reminds the boy that the person he likes would never walk 14 miles just to make him feel okay…but the narrator would.  “14 Miles” is a more emotional take on the Taylor Swift song “You Belong With Me.”
A cause that’s near and dear to Meredith’s heart is anti-bullying awareness.  Meredith speaks on the topic at her shows, you can read it about in her bio on her website and hear all about her anti bullying message in the closing song on the EP, “The Game.”  Possibly the best lyric on the entire EP is found in the collection’s closing number; “sticks, stones and broken bones will get them their way.”  If your family has a child that struggles with being bullied, this song will let them know that they’re not alone.
Meredith’s debut release is available on iTunes and you can read all about her past with bullying and where she’s performing next on her website

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