Album Review: Just Before Chaos by Drunksouls – Marseille, France

drunksoulsArtist: Drunksouls
Album Title: Just Before Chaos Compilation CD
Album Reviewer: Dale Y the Green Guy
Rating:  3 1/2
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Track List
#1 – Chaos
#2 – Human Race
#3 – J’ai fait un reve
#4 – Dear Lady
#5 – Comme Louise et Thelma
#6 – Pain of Life
#7 – No More Fighting
#8 – The Fall
#9 – Drifter Song
#10 – Revolution
#11 – L’amour Dietetique
#12 – Dernier Cigarette
#13 – The End
From France comes Drunksouls, a reggae-pop infused electric band that takes good time music and gives it their own distinctive twist. Now, I know, when you think of Reggae you automatically think of Bob Marley, and sure, there are some Marley-like tunes on this disk. But Drunksouls is more about the pop sound, kind of what Michael Jackson was to the blues or The Chili Peppers are to soft rock.
To that end, the first song, “Chaos,” sounds more like a Daft Punk sound then anything else. (As well they should since both groups hail from France.) The beat is catchy, the words are exciting, and this is their new single that has been released. This song, right here is everything that you believe that Drunksouls are all about, and its a seriously sweet sounding song.
“Human Race” and J’ai fait un reve are decidedly on the Reggae side, with jaunty beats and lyrics a bit darker than the melodies might suggest.
“Dear Lady” kicks it down a notch, with lyrics that sadly convey the feelings of questioning the love between a man and a woman. It’s a good song and may be the sleeper on the CD. “Comme Louise et Thelma,” starts to bring it back, and the bass line on “Pain of Life” brings it back all the way. If “Dear Lady” isn’t the sleeper on here, than “Pain of Life” surely is.
After a couple of Reggae influenced tunes, you’ve got the “Drifter Song,” which is another Daft Punk sound that is distinctively done with a Drunksouls style.
Of course, when you come to a song called “The End,” it should be a bit spooky, and that it is. A Reggae Caribbean beat takes you to the finish, and this song has many elements of different musical genres going for it, which may mean there are better things to come.
I can’t see how anyone wouldn’t like this CD. It’s easy to listen to, and some of the songs are literally tap-your-feet exciting. Knowing French would definitely help with some of the lyrics that are sung specifically in French, but in most cases, the music is enough to get you through.
Let’s face it, realistically, if they want to cater to an American audience, they need to do all of the lyrics in English, and that’s my biggest gripe. I know some French, so I can follow along with some of what they are saying, but if you don’t know any French, the words literally get lost in the music. But hey, if they don’t care about the American market, and just choose to remain out of the American mainstream, more power to them because they are doing a fine job as it is.

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