Album Review: #iStyle Special Edition by Frzy – Pittsburgh, PA

Frzy_istyle_Special_Edition-back-largeArtist: Frzy
Album Title: #iStyle Special Edition
Album Reviewer: Michael Palmer
iMoveiLive Rating: 5 out of 5
iMoveiLive Rating 5
Many who are music fans can honestly say hiphop/rap has taken a turn for the worst in the last few years. In today’s market, a catchy hook and a hard bass driven beat with some chanting you basically have a hit; where are the lyrics you ask? Well, there are a few rappers out there that are pushing to put lyrics back in hiphop, of course people like Eminem, Kendrick, J Cole, Drake, Wale, Pusha T just to name a few.  But when we look at emerging artist we find most of them are looking to follow the same formula that artist such as Souja Boy and Chief Keef created. But there are some outliners that are looking to actually make music that means something, not just fight music.
In Pittsburgh, one of those emerging artist is Frzy who just released his special addition to his critically acclaimed mix-tape, “iStyle”.  Frzy I must say got bars for days. His new mix-tape actually feels like an album as you can hear the effort in every single song.
The album as we will refry to it from this point is well done from production to cover design. On the first two songs, Frzy tells why he is the King and he is not afraid to speak his mind. Frzy emphatically says he is the King of the Pittsburgh, lyrically and honestly he has a damn good case for that title; bow down when you see him. If you feel you are better, drop a hot 16 and show why you are lyrically better. The song is called, “All Hail” and I think Frzy would love the competition because it makes music better and try and keep the guns and drugs out of the verse.
As the album continues I found myself listen to each song twice to catch some of the metaphors.  The best song conceptually is, “Witness” where Frzy tells the story of Biggie and 2pac from the witness point of view when they both where murdered. The album does slow down a bit at the end but the lyrics still carries it to the end. Overall, we give this an iMoveiLive approval rating of 5 out of 5. Make sure to check out this album because this might be the last free one from Frzy if any A&R hears it. Go listen at

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