Album Review: Everything's a Thread by John Steel Singers – Australia

john_steel_singers_everythings_a_thread_fth201dArtist: John Steel Singers
Album: Everything’s a Thread 
Album Reviewer: Michael Mariscal
Rating: 3.5
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It’s hard not to like a band like the John Steel Singers. Nearly everything they make is happy. Even when the lyrics beg you to feel otherwise, the music pushes you into a place of warmth and comfort.
And this album gives the listener a lot more to love. Instrumentally, the band excels. With six members in the band, there’s plenty going on. Led by a myriad of interesting bass riffs, the drums and guitars both keep things fresh with fills and free flowing lines. Throw in a couple solid singers and a piano and you have a band that borders on chaotic but mostly stays in that perfect balance of structure and improvisation.
But as I’ve said before, an album has to be diverse both musically and emotionally. So while everyone likes a happy song, the constant upbeat, major chord progressions of this album get tedious quickly. And though it might even contradict the identity of the band, this album is in desperate need of a soft piano ballad, or maybe a quiet instrumental, just something to give the listener a breather.
Overall, the album is worth a listen but not much more. Though I love the band, they’re just not the type to produce a great album. I give it a 3.5.

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