Album Review: Cuz I Can (EP) by CuzOH – Long Island, NY


Artist: CuzOH

Album Title: Cuz I Can

Album Reviewer: Michael Palmer

Rating: 3 1/2 

Rating 3 Approval

“My mind in space communicating with satellites station,” well something like that. That was one of the first bars from CuzOH’s new EP entitled, “Cuz I Can.” After hearing those lyrics I knew I was in for something different.  Different in the way it will be something that I have to listen more than once not because of beats but because of actual lyrics.
CuzOH’s lyrics show an ambition to be something better in hip-hop and bring forward a sound we have been missing for a little while now. On my favorite track on the album, Cuz raps about the regular rap subject matter; weed.  But even though it’s another weed song it is well down and he uses the new pull of weed to consumers to the way his music will pull people into him and never let go. He says an overdose is good for your soul and he may be right, well of his music.
The album actually takes some steps backward when the song Take you home comes on. There is not too much I want to say as I did not want to listen too much of the track. It feels like a copy of an old G unit type beat. In the chorus he raps “I was wondering if I could take you home, and I was wondering if you would be down to ride.” This is nothing new and kind disappointing from how the album started.
The album continues this way the next two tracks and picks back up with the final song, “Landing Gear.” It’s a track about taking that girl you like anywhere she wants but he does it very creatively and finishes the EP Strong. Overall, I gave the album a 3 ½ out of 5 iMoveiLive Approval.  It is worth a listen and you make your own assessment.

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