Album Review: Best Wishes by Blaq Carrie – Brisbane, Australia

Best WishesArtist: Blaq Carrie
Album Title: Best Wishes
Album Reviewer: Michael Palmer
Rating:  4
iMoveiLive rating 4 Approval
Track List
#1 – Line After Line
#2 – Reality
#3 – Jacaranda Trees
#4 – New Game
#5 – Superstar Life
iMoveiLive alum Blaq Carrie has managed to put together one of the better produced records I have heard from and emerging artist we have featured. Every song has an old school hip hop feel with feeling, emotion and edge. As you listen, you catch yourself just nodding the entire album. One of the bigger surprises about this is how much Blaq’s flow has improved from the last effort we heard from her. She flows so easy on these tracks that you feel that she was in the studio while they were being created and she had a hand in every tracks completion.
My favorite track from this effort is “Reality”. This track sums up Blaq Carrie’s current struggle to get the recognition she has earned in my book. “They tell you that life is rough, it’s just reality”, but she has no fear and will continue to push forward. The sample on this track is sick!
Overall, there is no down point in this album. I really liked this album. The areas that need improvement from Blaq will happen because she has a love for the art. If you truly have love for what you do no one needs to tell you where you need to improve because before they can say it, you have already fixed it. I say to Carrie keep chasing your dreams and make it reality. This effort gets a 4 out of 5 iMoveiLive Approval. Keep it up Blaq!! Also, this effort was a mixtape but deserve the album title.

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