Album Review: A Sarcastic Tango by Michael McFarland – Asheville, NC

Michael McFarland - A Sarcastic Tango - Front CoverArtist: Michael McFarland
Album Title: A Sarcastic Tango
Album Reviewer: Michael Palmer
Rating: 4 
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If you are not able to fall in love with one of the songs on Michael Mcfarland’s new EP, “A Sarcastic Tango” you may have some of the worst taste in music. When this CD began I had a feeling that it would turn out to be a solid piece of project. When the second song began, I came to the realization that it would be something more than just good enough.
One of the best parts about this EP was the lyrics that painted a perfect visual for each song. In the song “If I Say Hello” is one of those songs. As I listened to the song I pictured myself in a bar and looking at a young woman across the bar and planning our lives after I just say hello.  His selections of words are very visual and tell a story which most songs don’t do anymore. Many songs just have random lyrics that truly mean nothing and are just simply stupid.
The only low points can be seen in production. The EP sounded the same and makes me feel there was only one producer.  Production for each record must be different because you don’t want the audience not know when a song start and or stops. I do recommend purchasing this record. I give this EP a 4 out of 5 iMoveiLive Approval.

Michael McFarland - A Sarcastic Tango - Back Cover

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