Music: Follow Dreams by A Close Second – Pittsburgh, PA

Music: A Close Second Follow DreamsARTIST COMMENT:
We picked “Follow Dreams” as our single because we feel it represents “A Close Second” the best out of all our songs. It’s very pop-punk and “in-your-face” at the same, kind of a best of both worlds type of thing. We have some songs more on the “edgy” side of pop-punk (“All Ends Of The World”) and songs on the “poppy” side (“In Regret, You Won’t Find Me”) a long with songs like “Abandon” that are more on the punk side. Also, the theme of “Follow Dreams” is exactly what the title says, to follow your dreams. In this song, the lyrics talk about following your dreams and enjoying any opportunity that you receive and that’s what we’re all about. Our album title, “The Day You Left Home”, is symbolic to the life of a band trying to “make it”, being on the road, making sacrifices and leaving everything behind to try to do something that you love. This song is like a summary of the meaning behind this album and ACS and we feel like people enjoy and relate to this song the best out of all our songs.

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